OWS Week 8/15 ~ Occupy Nukes/Hiroshima Day, Occupy Saks 5th Avenue, OWS Disability Caucus, Chalk Walk 2

This episode of the show tracked Chelsea Elliot down for a chat. She was one of the first two girls pepper sprayed back in September 2011 by NY police.

And the beat goes on: held on Hiroshima Day with Occupy Nukes a National Day of Action against the US nuclear weapons arsenal went down like a lead ball.

Occupy Saks 5th Avenue action focused against Mexican magnate, Carlos Slim, telecommunications “world’s richest man”, responsible for overcharging Mexico’s rural poor. He owns the largest private stake in Saks 5th Ave. The OWS Disability Caucus protested outside of Mayor Bloomberg’s mansion in NYPD during which 8 people, some in wheelchairs, were arrested. Then there’s Chicago Teachers Union solidarity action and over to LA for Chalk Walk 2.


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