Lee Camp – Sunday video montage

Via Lee Camp [Funny how none of these videos are allowed a preview…looks like he might be pissing off the right people. Good. #KeepFighting]

Links to all four of my videos from the past week including a new 30-second cartoon and the aerial footage of the Exxon spill that has over 230,000 views.

1) What Exxon Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Oil Spill – http://youtu.be/qscElPfc8kw

2) Aerial Footage of The Exxon Spill – http://youtu.be/3iIdWGGlBP8

3) The American Dream in 30 Seconds – http://youtu.be/Tpq7j-vFLPg

4) How Monsanto Gained Power Over All 3 Branches of Government – http://youtu.be/jl6CoTkvmKk