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Retrofitting Community

Remaking life in the Midwest suburbs. We want a different life. This simple fact can get buried under the confusion of current events, a plethora of takes, or just the latest drama. So how do we create new ways of life in these times—communal, dignified, and enduring?

In this interview, we speak with Ann Kreilkamp about an experiment two decades in the making, an ever-evolving answer to the question of what truly sustains us. Reclaiming ranch houses and cultivating front yards, blurring property lines and breaking with an architecture of separation, the Green Acres Permaculture Village is an imaginative, collective re-inhabiting of the formerly private. With an accompanying photo essay by Mia Beach, we begin to see how life can already be otherwise, even in unlikely places.

Recognizing the value of viewing this experiment as a new “retrofit” template for how to live in the suburbs, via re-imagining both people and place, we began to host weekly dinners for neighbors and friends far and wide, as a way of sharing the bounty of our own social and spiritual practice of growing community from the ground up. Thanks to the collective soul-searching brought on by lockdown, we hear more and more from neighbors and others who walk by the recognition that our way of living and being in community with each other and the land is the way of the future.

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Life in Green Acres Permaculture Village, May 22, 2020

Our regular twice-a-week, two-hour work party began at 10:30 this morning, and everybody who could joined in, one or two at each task, all directed by Cherisse (Rebecca), our Farm Manager for seven years. Plus, this morning, a young man, Daniel, joined us. Here he is (on the right), directed by Andreas, who himself had…

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Green Acres Village: Dinner Outside on Patio, not once but twice!

— which, in this unusual spring of intermittent rain, was a big gamble, especially last night, when a few drops did fall, and we covered the food for a few minutes. Actually, I’m getting bored with posting pics after each Thursday Community Dinner. At least as is. Maybe I should spice it up…

Guest Post from Ann Kreilkamp ~ read more via Green Acres Village: Dinner Outside on Patio, not once but twice!

Thursday Work Party, May 30 [Photo Set] — Green Acres Permaculture Village

aIMG_1838 copy

L to R: Dan, Justin, Andreas, Rebecca and Alex Thursday’s work party found us all in back of DeKist 2 house, clearing weeds and making room for a new fence for the expanded chicken run. The new chicks grew so quickly and so did the weeds with all the rain we’ve had!

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