Gabrielle Jones-Price is a 32-year veteran of photography, arts and mixed media journalism. Growing up in a household of artistic people, she was influenced by both her parents who were traditional watercolor artists. Generations of craft arts have been passed down, including music which greatly influences both her writing and photography.

Gabrielle spent years photographing live music performances before founding The Road Home Music Project in Indianapolis. The Road Home promoted local and traveling acoustic artists in intimate settings to raise awareness for two national music charities close to her heart. The project was inspired by one of her favorite artists, Jeff Buckley.

After the crash in 2008, she put her writing and research skills to work as a media analyst. Published in ‘The People Speak’ segment of the Occupy Two Year Anniversary book release in 2013, Gabrielle’s personal statement on the movement was featured along with her mentor Mike Ruppert; and other notable supporters such as Noam Chomsky, Tom Morello, Chris Hedges and Deepak Chopra.

She moved to southern Indiana to focus on permaculture and deep ecology study while volunteering her photography and video services to the local Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center. Gabrielle provided media services during His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s visit to Louisville, Kentucky.

At 52, she’s an enthusiastic student of social permaculture, Jungian theory, and astrology. She’s now part of a co-creative intentional community near Indiana University campus, Green Acres Permaculture Village. Gabrielle’s role as outreach coordinator promotes regenerative culture and the vision of its founder; a master astrologer, author and PhD in philosophy, Ann Kreilkamp.

Gabrielle enjoys applying her analytical/research skills to permaculture, including recent discoveries in American archaeology and lost civilizations. Anything that fascinates is creative fuel that informs her writing and photography projects. She is excited to begin archiving [and reviving] the stories printed in the original Crone Chronicles, a newsletter which was founded by Ann Kreilkamp in 1989, and is now producing her new podcast, ARK CroneCast on Patreon.


[Family photo, Aunt Nella, R w/dog Muzzie. R: Aunt Nella in Life Magazine, 1946]

“I’ve always been a student of the mysteries. I was inspired and fascinated at age 15 when my grandmother told me about twice-great Aunt Nella! She was named one of Life Magazine’s top 5 astrologers in the US in 1946. She was a Follies dancer before she had her own radio program. Nella did readings for silent film and Broadway star, Marie Dressler, who never made a film without consulting her. Marie co-starred in a few films with Charlie Chaplin. Nella also read for famous crooner, Frank Sinatra. She read for clients during tea hour from the Waldorf Historia in New York until her dying day.”

[L: UK, 1986 shoot w/Aunt Nella’s necklace. R: IN, 2019 ‘proto-crone’ in training]