Green Acres Village: DRAGONFLY INFUSION!

Two days ago, we had just finished brunch and pod meeting where, in a light-hearted manner, we brainstormed on the amazing new ventures we’re planning. One hour later, this! Gabby grabbed them in slow motion. YES! What does the dragonfly symbolize?

Video by yours truly. Feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel for coming attractions! Originally posted at Green Acres Village: DRAGONFLY INFUSION!

Thursday Work Party, May 30 [Photo Set] — Green Acres Permaculture Village

aIMG_1838 copy

L to R: Dan, Justin, Andreas, Rebecca and Alex Thursday’s work party found us all in back of DeKist 2 house, clearing weeds and making room for a new fence for the expanded chicken run. The new chicks grew so quickly and so did the weeds with all the rain we’ve had!

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Thursday Work Party, May 2 [Photos] — Green Acres Permaculture Village

Thursday arrived with a bang — literally! I walked around the property before heading to the greenhouse, to get some photos of the blooming flowers before the rain and thunderstorms arrived, much to the chagrin of the pups… There’s nothing quite like the smell after a good rain. I find everything much richer with color…


via Thursday Work Party, May 2 [Photos] — Green Acres Permaculture Village