Dear Mr. Bradley Manning – it is US that should be apologizing to YOU.

Do not judge a man who is staring life in military prison in the eye – after what he has already been through, it is time for YOU to get off your ass now and let him try to serve his time with as much DIGNITY as possible.

Do you want this man to suffer further for what YOU wouldn’t or couldn’t do yourself? What are you doing to better this world?

Are you trying to survive life in a military prison under an administration that views journalists as combatants? Are you a journalist that recognized this man’s sacrifice? Then you have no opinion worth listening to and should count your blessings and liberties before they, too are taken away. There is a reason the First Amendment is FIRST. ~ G. Price for The Refreshment Center

A military judge is to issue a verdict in the case of US army whistleblower Bradley Manning at 17:00 GMT / 1pm EST

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OWS Week 9/5: RNC, DNC protests continued, Bradley Manning, Poverty March

submitted by Gabrielle Price

This episode of the show; RNC, Tampa Florida protests, DNC, Charlotte North Carolina demos, March on Wall Street South, Bradley Manning Trial update, Anti-Romney protests DC.  Protest actions kicked up a notch in waning days of Tampa’s Republican National Convention.  Occupy and allies’ Sunday March on Wall Street South prior to start of Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.  Fort Meade, Maryland for solidarity and soundbites from Bradley Manning supporters and Washington, DC, where Occupy joined labor for anti-Romney march.

OWS Week 6/13, NATO-5, NY SEC, Casserole solidarity demos and more

This episode of the show reports on the ‘casserole’ solidarity rallies across the US, Milwaukee protests with mounted police charge and arrests.  OWS Week also covers the NATO-five rallies in Chicago and the SEC protests in New York, plus art and culture theater group activities in support of Bradley Manning.

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Bradley Manning, Camp Eviction, Police Brutality, & more / OWS Week 2/29/12

Press TV’s new program; ’OWS Week’ highlights 7 days of the protest movement’s happenings as viewed from American protesters’ eyes.

The program also examines the wide range of social issues addressed by the ‘occupy’ movement in the US.

This episode of the show returns to the Bradley Manning trial to expand on the charges brought against the incarcerated US serviceman, reports on 99ers camp evictions and the remaining outposts and gives an overview of the week that has passed.