FREE Webinar: Shadow Tech – a 21st Century Approach to Shadow Work

Time: January 21, 2017 from 11am to 12pm PST || Location: Online or on the phone || Event Type: workshop || Organized By: Depth Alliance and Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari

This is a free intro event on Saturday, January 21 at 11am PST. It is the first of a 5 part series. A recording will be made for registrants

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FREE Webinar: Shadow Tech – a 21st Century Approach to Shadow Work

Your Deep Ecology Moment

The way in which the “spiritus absconditus” speaks through the author of the first part of the “Aurora consurgens,” reminds one of the spirit of earth in Faust. This spirit speaks to Faust, who writes down what it says. The author of our text continues later:
“Turn to me with your whole heart and do not spurn me
because I am weak and black, for the sun has changed my colour
and the depths have hidden my countenance,
and the earth is corrupted and infected in my operations,
because darkness had been laid upon it.
Because I am held fast in the mire of the deep
and my substance is not revealed,
therefore I cried out of the depths
and from the abysses of the earth
doth my voice speak unto you.”
~ Carl Jung, ETH Lecture 16 May 1941, Page 157





An Invitation in Red | Unfinished color/pencil sketch, 1988
Based on a dream I had that I can’t recall now, only the imagery.

I’ve started keeping a dream journal since I’ve begun study of Carl Jung’s
work on dream interpretation. It prompted me to dig out my old portfolio
and look with new eyes. ~ Gabrielle