Noam Chomsky: Indigenous People Are In The Lead

“There is resistance: in Canada it’s coming from First Nations. But it’s worth remembering that that’s a world-wide phenomenon. Throughout the world, the indigenous populations are in the lead. They are actually taking the lead in trying to protect the earth. That’s extremely significant.”

Chomsky argued that this resistance is supported by one of the most ancient documents of English law, the nearly 800-year old Magna Carta. For in addition to asserting civil rights like the presumption of innocence and the right to jury trial, the Magna Carta included a “Charter of the Forests,” which “had to do with protecting the commons”—all of the commonly shared things in nature that sustain human life—“from the depredations of power.”

Since the development of capitalism, Chomsky said, the commons have been under attack. “What Canada and the US and others are doing now,” he added, “is trying to take away what is left of the commons, includ[ing] the global environment—privatize it, take it away.”


Noam Chomsky: Indigenous People Are In The Lead

Warrior Sisters Society – Sisters in Defense

Members of DGR Eugene are working to start a nonprofit called Warrior Sister Society, which aims to provide free weapons and hand-to-hand combat training to women. Women need to organize to directly confront the tyranny of male violence, and by donating to Warrior Sisters, you will be making a material contribution toward this goal. Here is what you will be helping to provide:

-Self Defense Instructor Certification for volunteer trainers
-Liability insurance
-Space for trainings
-Training materials: Mats, Gloves, Headgear, etc
-Promotional materials (Large scale printing, website costs, etc)
-Continued weapons distribution to women

Please donate to help end rape. Click here:

Warrior Sisters Society – Sisters in Defense

No matter how enlightened we are or aren’t, we must have food, water, and shelter. Because civilization is so demanding of our time and so giving of its cheap rewards, the people of this culture will almost certainly need to be forced by changing circumstances, rather than any voluntary impulse, to adopt sustainable ways of living or even to realize the potential for bettering their lives. If industrial agriculture were gradually disabled, for example, local permaculture would suddenly become not only relevant – but critical for survival.

Swiftly confronted would be things like obesity, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Another reward will be life returning. More birds every spring; more fish in the rivers, lakes, and oceans; happier children; less stress, crime, and misery. More freedom – more joy.

Michael Carter, Kingfisher’s Song: Memories Against Civilization