New Work: Antique Orchid || Decorative Print [Update]

One of a series of orchids which bloomed during a study retreat. I’ll be making this available as a large canvas print as well, so do check back for an update.
During my four month retreat, a lot changed in the world. I was hosted by a professor of deep ecology in Bloomington, Indiana while he was traveling and teaching throughout Europe and points East, from January through April. The country was quite different upon their return and frankly, so was I. I’ll be writing about those changes here, doing a bit of traveling myself and sharing more of my photographic work. Something I’ve neglected far too long after an 8 year stint as a media analyst.
I’m choosing beauty. And also finding permaculture is a means of designing a life of beauty and abundance.
My psyche thanks me almost daily for ditching analysis and following my heart and my photographer’s wandering eye. ~ Gabrielle

Antique Orchid || Art print @ Zazzle Pro Gallery || by Gabrielle Jones Price 

[UPDATE] Now available in wrapped canvas. Large wall sizes are available – contact me for a custom fit for any room!

FAIR TV: Chicago Teachers vs. Corporate Media, NYT and Torture, WashPost and Big Oil

submitted by Gabrielle Price

From Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, The Refreshment Center is proud to present episodes of FAIR TV, to help readers stay on top of the corporate media spin in order to facilitate and encourage a more informed citizenry.
In this episode, FAIR’s Steve Randall holds MSM feet to the fire on everything from the Chicago Teachers vs. Corporate Media, NYT and Torture, and finally, WashPost and Big Oil.

OWS Week 6/13, NATO-5, NY SEC, Casserole solidarity demos and more

This episode of the show reports on the ‘casserole’ solidarity rallies across the US, Milwaukee protests with mounted police charge and arrests.  OWS Week also covers the NATO-five rallies in Chicago and the SEC protests in New York, plus art and culture theater group activities in support of Bradley Manning.

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OWS Week 5/30 – Boeing, Teachers Union, Tax Dodgers, Occupy Farms, GMO

This episode of the show covers the Chicago Boeing protests, Teachers’ Union demos and Stand Up Chicago anti-corporate tax dodgers protest.  OWS Week’s correspondents also attended the Occupy general assembly for planning in Washington and Chicago and compiled a report on Occupy farms:  A movement to counter genetically modified crops.

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