Bigger Vision Presents: “Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness”

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a Bigger Vision Presents: “Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness”
PREMIERE: Saturday, May 31, 2014 | 2:30 to 6:00 PM
IUPUI Campus Center : 420 University Boulevard, 4th Floor, Room 450 Indianapolis, IN 46202
     Shadow Gallery Collective is proud to announce the premiere of a documentary film on homelessness in Indianapolis, made by local film studio, A Bigger Vision. It is free [w/RSVP] and a QnA will be held afterward. We asked director, Sam Mirpoorian his thoughts on the making of this film.
“This film is important because we are providing a message that the powerless and voiceless don’t get an opportunity to share. We are speaking for the ones that don’t get that choice.”
     A bigger vision, indeed. We couldn’t agree more that this needs to be discussed and addressed in all communities. Criminalization of the homeless is happening at an alarming rate in the U.S. and it is our hope that you’ll help this timely film reach a national audience.
     Creative solutions can only come with seeing the reality of the issues, many of them caused by lack of political will to engage at the local and state levels, not to mention the economic hardships that stem from corporate owned democracy. When money equals speech, the homeless are the most at risk. Please share this film trailer and find out how you start dialogue to have it shown in your area.
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Moment of Clarity: The Endless Fight For Control Of Our Consciousness

from contributor Lee Camp

200 episodes of Moment of Clarity, and what have we learned?
[Editor’s note below!]


Editor, Gabrielle Price:  First, I’d like to thank Lee Camp for coming to Indianapolis and kudos to the Melody Inn for having such a cutting-edge, [dare I say] refreshing talent like Lee grace the stage at the ol’ Mel.  I wanted to share a link to some pictures from the evening which also featured local stand-up comedians from my hometown, Zan Aufderheide and Jeff Oskay.  It was a great night of side splitting laughter and Lee delivered the gonzo-goods tenfold.  We’re very proud to call him a TRC contributor.

See more photos at The Refreshment Center Fan Page on the Book of Faces.
Thanks to Zan for snapping two shots – both of which were blurry but hey, she’s damn good at comedy!