OUR (Decidedly Alternative) VISION OF THE FUTURE

People ask me what my goal is for Green Acres Permaculture Village. I tell them I have a vision: of other little pods like this three-house one cropping up inside our 440-house neighborhood, networking together into perhaps four good-sized villages, 100 homes in each. Read more…

Guest Post by Ann Kreilkamp via OUR (Decidedly Alternative) VISION OF THE FUTURE —

via CO Dept of Transportation: “Flooding Update: Several of our state highways have sustained significant damage as a result of the overnight rain and are currently closed. There are no ETAs for reopening at this time. We strongly encourage motorists to check highway closures before heading out on the highways at www.cotrip.org. Please make safe choices – if you can’t see the roadway, don’t drive there!”

Colorado dam failure prompts more Commerce City evacs | 9news.com

“There is an embankment currently holding back a significant amount of water which is 300 yards wide, three-quarters of a mile long and about 15-20 feet deep. That is equivalent to three football fields in width and 12 football fields in length. The embankment is expected to fail within the next hour and water will begin flowing in the neighborhood.”

Colorado dam failure prompts more Commerce City evacs | 9news.com