Moment of Clarity: Breaking News That’s Actually 13 Years Old…

TRC contributor Lee Camp

US Government Found GUILTY Of Murdering Martin Luther King Jr.

Read more about it here: or here: and watch a short video on it here:

Moment of Clarity: The Endless Fight For Control Of Our Consciousness

from contributor Lee Camp

200 episodes of Moment of Clarity, and what have we learned?
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Editor, Gabrielle Price:  First, I’d like to thank Lee Camp for coming to Indianapolis and kudos to the Melody Inn for having such a cutting-edge, [dare I say] refreshing talent like Lee grace the stage at the ol’ Mel.  I wanted to share a link to some pictures from the evening which also featured local stand-up comedians from my hometown, Zan Aufderheide and Jeff Oskay.  It was a great night of side splitting laughter and Lee delivered the gonzo-goods tenfold.  We’re very proud to call him a TRC contributor.

See more photos at The Refreshment Center Fan Page on the Book of Faces.
Thanks to Zan for snapping two shots – both of which were blurry but hey, she’s damn good at comedy!

Moment of Clarity – How Words Can Change The World

contributor Lee Camp

Language manipulation can be used by the good people of this world or by the evil people. The problem is that the evil people seem to be working much harder at it. So here’s the first step in catching up with them.

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[Editors Note / SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Hey, Indianapolis – Lee Camp will be at the Melody Inn, January 14th and I’ll be there to meet him and thank him for his contributions to the blog for the first time, with camera in hand!  RSVP HERE. Don’t miss this show, my friends! ~ Gabrielle]

Moment of Clarity: The Propaganda Film You Probably Don’t Know You’re Watching

TRC contributor Lee Camp
The movie “Won’t Back Down” starring Maggie Gyllenhaal is hitting theaters across the country. Who REALLY made this film?
You’d be surprised…This episode M.O.C. is based largely on this article from

Moment of Clarity: Truth VS. Puppy Purging: Where Do YOU Get Your News?

TRC contributor, Lee Camp

We’re in the middle of an all-out information war.  Propaganda and mistruths are thrown around like hamburger helper in a food fight.  The only way to fight the steady stream of bullshit is to know the truth, to have the facts, to grasp the reality.  But where do you go to do that??
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