Unemployment & Bank foreclosures / US-OWS Week-02-15-2012

Press TV’s new program; ‘OWS Week’ highlights 7 days of the protest movement’s happenings as viewed from American protesters’ eyes.

The program also examines the wide range of social issues addressed by the ‘occupy’ movement in the US.

This episode of the show is dedicated to the desperate state of the US jobless, President Obama’s bank foreclosure deal and the 99% demos outside of the CPAC annual meeting in Washington DC.

Two Updates and a MIC CHECK

With spring fast approaching and a lot of plans to be made, much of what I’ve been doing here over the winter has been to forge connections with my fellow occupiers-in-arms, the folks on the street, the citizen media and other writers and activists who have made this movement such a joy to witness…even when there is sadness and setback…they are there to help keep discussion alive and well and focused. 

That is what community is about. And that’s what democracy looks like…in case anyone has forgotten.

I’m still working on the documentary film from the December Occupy Fear and Loathing Media Tour, which has been an interesting leap into the unknown territory of editing, not to mention a lot of writing to go along with it.  The news feeds are fast and furious and sometimes draining and breaks must be taken to recharge the soul.

One great recharge was a recent re-release of the online report that started the amazing occupy journey, and which coined the meme, the 99%, has been made available in book form with added information since Sept. 17th to now.  I was honored to be asked to contribute to this book as a commentator, along with many others who have long been admired by this writer/activist and mother.

Mama is just getting warmed up…

Yesterday, I was interviewed by a wonderful woman who works on a news show specifically for Occupy, which airs in many countries [not much here in the US, since we’re only supposed to hear the spin] but this show reaches millions of viewers who watch with great anticipation what the occupy movement will accomplish here.  The world is looking to us to be that bright light.  Not our government – but the people!  You’ll be hearing more about this show going into March.

So much of American culture is loved by many [not particularly our current culture – oh no, that bar is too low] but the gritty westerns, the soulful music and the rock ‘n roll, the incredible artistry of telling stories of determination, humor, creative genius, honorable journalism and hard truth delivered with care.

Do you remember?  It’s the America I know and love, too – and miss like hell.  I visit it a lot online because it doesn’t exist on the television or the radio anymore.  And it’s exactly why I do what I do and why my blog reflects a different time…full of ingenuity.  The current corporate culture bores me silly because it kills creativity – so I want to be part of helping to create a new one.

There are people not unlike you or me in other countries who love our country’s creative spirit, too.  Many are struggling far more than we are – but not for long unless we DO SOMETHING CREATIVE.  The people of the world want Democracy because they have never tasted it.  Here we are the supposed beacon of it, so we better shine – we damn well better flame – if we don’t want to lose that precious thing that the world needs.

NOT what our government is selling.

It is time to dust our cowboy boots, get up off the couch and let’s rock some Democracy like an encore.  Intermission is over and we may not have another shot at this.

In order to embrace opportunities and continue to manifest more of them, I need your help to sustain The Refreshment Center.

I have had numerous offers of assistance, talent and suggestions, as well as space provided to me – only to see work waylaid by personal [or political] agendas, negativity and short-sightedness.  As much as we all complain about our government, we are still relatively free to speak, write, create and push back.  Maybe you feel you can’t because of your family, employer, spouse or even your church – but I CAN.

I want to do that for you because I am in a unique position to do so.

I do not work for a party, a candidate, the status quo or the 9-to-5 matrix – I am giving this my last, best shot.  Sponsor a strong voice and keep it steady moving forward.

Opportunity is knocking and so let’s all swing that door wide open together.  I’m not ready to close the blinds, are you?  I’ve got boots for hire and they are ready to kick some ass for democracy and freedom.

The Chip-In is open-ended as far as an amount.  I’m not going to put a cap on my worth or your generosity.  Give what you can until the deadline.  [May 1st – I found it appropriate since it is globally recognized as ‘International Worker’s Day’ – which IS the 99%].

Spring is on it’s way…let’s make it one the world will never forget.

Rockin’ for a free world ~ Gabrielle

Planting Change: Guerrilla Gardening & the Occupy Movement [update]

[via OccupyWallSt and our friends at Seismologik.com]

Guerrilla gardening is the occupation of ill-used land to support the communities and ecosystems to which that land rightfully belongs. As the Occupy movement “puts down roots” in public and private spaces across the world, guerrilla gardening is essential to growing a sustainable movement free from dependence on corporate systems.

Over the coming months, One Pack Productions and Seismologik Media will showcase some of the amazing people who are creating actions which can inspire people to practice being the change they wish to see in the world. For more information on guerrilla gardening, check out guerrillagardening.org.


Meet the Guerrilla Gardeners.

Students from Sterling College in Vermont came down to Occupy Wall Street and showed us how to plant and sow seeds anywhere where there is soil. In this short film, they demonstrate how easy it is to grow winter greens and beets right in the parks flower beds, and then speak earnestly and passionately about the importance of farming, and understanding where our food comes from.

Occupy Together. Grow Together.

UPDATE : This story was picked up by 350.org – congrats to Seismologik!


Guest post by Danny Schechter 
[via OwsNews Service]

I am Danny Schechter, known as the News Dissector.  I am a blogger (NewsDissector.com), Filmmaker (PlundertheCrimeofOurTime.com) and fellow troublemaker.

I am a former producer for CNN and ABC News and even did a stint at CNBC. But these networks are not open to independent perspectives, even from former employees and award-winning professional producers.  I had to go to Iran’s Press TV to find interest to make a short documentary about HOW Occupied Wall Street operates on the ground at Zuccotti Park.

Here’s my program that has already been on TV all over the world — but not in my own country.  What does that say about our media?  Most mainstream media, alas, serves the 1%, not the American people.

From Press TV : Occupy Wall Street had just celebrated its 30th day in the park. On Saturday, it inspired solidarity actions in 1000 cities and that is considered as an incredible achievement.

We have heard a lot about what they stand for but not how they organized to make this happen.  This occupation runs like a village with lots of participation from a diverse group of articulate people.

“Behind the scenes of occupy Wall Street is an organization that is pretty invisible. It is decentralized,  it’s bottom up and it’s organized into working committees,” editor of the Mediachannel.org, Danny Schechter says.

In this edition of the show we will take you behind the scenes of Occupy Wall Street to show you how it all works.

Guest post : Occupy Portland

Arran Edmonstone of the Love Police Cascadia and The Refreshment Center speaks with the 99% helping in the liberation of Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon.