Leading scholar on US-Russia relations addresses the claim being
trumpeted by politicians and media on both sides of the political
spectrum that Russia is now the “number one” threat to the United
States. Given the proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine, Dr. Cohen tells host
Abby Martin that the real alarming danger today is “a new, multi-front
Cuban missile crisis.”

via CO Dept of Transportation: “Flooding Update: Several of our state highways have sustained significant damage as a result of the overnight rain and are currently closed. There are no ETAs for reopening at this time. We strongly encourage motorists to check highway closures before heading out on the highways at www.cotrip.org. Please make safe choices – if you can’t see the roadway, don’t drive there!”

Colorado dam failure prompts more Commerce City evacs | 9news.com

“There is an embankment currently holding back a significant amount of water which is 300 yards wide, three-quarters of a mile long and about 15-20 feet deep. That is equivalent to three football fields in width and 12 football fields in length. The embankment is expected to fail within the next hour and water will begin flowing in the neighborhood.”

Colorado dam failure prompts more Commerce City evacs | 9news.com

BARACK OBAMA’S speech was weak, utterly lacking in compelling (or even admissible) evidence and unconvincing, especially to the world.

He’s looking for a way out and Russia appears to be in the driver’s seat with respect to diplomacy. Barack the Bloody has openly vowed compliance with international law. He has committed himself to exploring and pursuing the diplomatic solution… which means he has backed down. He has lost inertia and initiative.

There will be no 9-11 false flag attacks. The situation is too tense, too tinder dry. My guess is that the Obama administration is hoping for this to die down in intensity so it can be swept under the rug and proclaimed a victory.

But what I foresee is a crushing and humiliating defeat for the U.S. at the UN when the inspection reports come in and as more and more evidence piles up that the Assad regime did not use the gas, that this was a false-flag perpetrated by U.S. and allies. The UN can, and probably will demand presentation of the thus-far missing evidence. John Kerry is about to have his head handed to him if that happens.

You can’t yank the world around like this.

You can’t yank people around like this.

We are not going though weeks and months of this.

And just maybe, seven billion of us are beginning to realize that we can put an end to this.

Si se puede!

~ Michael C. Ruppert [3 minutes ago]

EU Demands UN Report as White House Continues Push for War

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Florida stated:

The documentary record regarding an attack on Syria consists of just two papers: a four-page unclassified summary and a 12-page classified summary. The first enumerates only the evidence in favor of an attack. I’m not allowed to tell you what’s in the classified summary, but you can draw your own conclusion.

On Thursday I asked the House Intelligence Committee staff whether there was any other documentation available, classified or unclassified. Their answer was “no.” […]

We have reached the point where the classified information system prevents even trusted members of Congress, who have security clearances, from learning essential facts, and then inhibits them from discussing and debating what they do know.

And this extends to matters of war and peace, money and blood. The ‘security state’ is drowning in its own phlegm. My position is simple: if the administration wants me to vote for war, on this occasion or on any other, then I need to know all the facts. And I’m not the only one who feels that way.

EU Demands UN Report as White House Continues Push for War