Pay It Forward Through Music / Hell Bent by Kenna

submitted by Gabrielle Price

I started a music project back in 2008 called The Road Home.  Our motto was ‘pay it forward through music’ – which I aimed to do for two national music charities.  The economy took its toll on my grassroots project and it has been on the backburner, waiting to be reborn with the net radio station along with The Refreshment Center – News You Can Use broadcasts.

Music and the arts alone have their own profound messages to be paid forward and as a music appreciator I want to continue to do that where I can.  So I present this wonderful song by Kenna, “Hell Bent” – with one of the more amazing videos I’ve ever seen. It is  a beautiful mix of stop-motion claymation and colorful animation, how our infinite growth society has bought and sold our happiness.

Don’t sell out your bliss.  We have a long way to go.

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