Surveillance cameras capture incredible tornado damage

submitted by Gabrielle Price

Having grown up in the Midwest and knowing how to prepare for severe weather and tornadoes was part and parcel of the Midwest experience.  But the strength of these storms has been alarming to say the least.
This surveillance camera footage shows several angles of the destruction from one of a reported 95 tornadoes in the Plains region of the United States.  In all my years as a photographer and former storm chaser – I’ve never seen footage like this.  I had to post it.
Please help those who are affected by these storms by looking up any of the cities listed below the video.

I’m quite certain there will be a lot of local aid organizations set up to help since our Federal Government is ill equipped to handle this kind of destruction – the economy is tanking under their watch while denying climate changes to boot.  Mother nature is in charge now.  Heed her warnings when weather services issue them.

[Footage stops at 6:50 where the camera remains stuck.]

Tornado producing storms ravaged parts of the Plains Saturday and Saturday night, killing at least five people and leaving behind incredible destruction.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, more than 95 tornadoes were reported from Oklahoma through Kansas, Nebraska and southern Iowa on Saturday.

The deadliest of the tornadoes ravaged the town of Woodward, OK, where at least five people were killed and 30 injured.

The tornado ripped through the northwest side of the city, destroying or damaging dozens of homes.

Another tornado tore through the southern portion of Wichita, KS, causing significant damage but no major injuries.

Wichita, Mid-Continent Airport recorded a wind gust of 84 mph just after the control tower evacuated.

Damage was recorded at the Boeing and Spirit Aerosystems plants. Six buildings at Spirit Aerosystems were heavily damaged while four others had major damage.

According to the Kansas City Star, damage in the Wichita area is estimated at as much as $283 million.

A tornado ripped through the town of Thurman, IA, Saturday evening, destroying around 75 percent of the town.

Amazingly, no major injuries were reported, but the remainder of the town is without power and has been evacuated until further notice.