Japan Officials raise allowable amount of radiation

submitted by Gabrielle Price

Japanese officials have raised the allowable amount of radiation from one millisievert to 20 millisieverts after the accident. This will result in an increased incidence of cancer. The public is being misled by government. We need to be fully informed with correct information – which is difficult to wade through in several different groups as it is coming in fast and daily. It is not my intention to alarm people unnecessarily but we’re past the point of sugarcoating what these governments aren’t doing and what they feel is ‘the right thing to do for the bottom line’ rather than to get the information to the public who will be effected by the contamination already released. Another earthquake could mean the  irradiation of Northern Hempisphere of the planet which would possibly make it uninhabitable.

I gain nothing by sharing this information, I earn no money from any group, I have no industry ties and no institutional affiliations. I am here to warn you to protect yourselves and your family as best you can.  I do this work on donations only as a researcher, news analyst and mother, my concern is the planet and the health of the creatures and humans on it.

As of today, there is no word of containment – no word of plans for containment.  So please sign the petition in solidarity with the 72 Japanese signatories to urge UN action to facilitate a global response to this ongoing emergency.

Nuclear power is not something to be politicized or trifled with. It is dangerous and those who lie about its effects are no more safe in denying that fact than if they were to stand in a hurricane and say the weather is fine.  Food and products are shipped from Japan and other areas effected by this fallout – it is more than reasonable for us to want to know the truth about what is being done to contain this fallout.

One main reason why I do not believe that any nuclear corporate entity has the right intention and why we as a collective whole need to demand this situation be addressed:

From December 27th, 2011 – The Australian:

They admit it…but that doesn’t mean it ‘goes away’ – it just means they will not take responsibility for it.  Denial doesn’t make you safe – it makes you sick unless you learn from and prevent further mistakes.

We need to work together – we are our own civil defense.  Step up.