Blue Moons, Time Outs and Ma’s Tough Love

Originally posted on a former blog called Zen and the Art of Radical Detachment on September 5, 2012; from El Paso, Texas after WOOF’ing in New Mexico. ~ G

The shifting energies of the blue moons [two in a row] are usually seen as rare events — the next month to witness this phenomenon isn’t until July of 2015.  It is difficult to imagine what the moon will witness us going through then as it is to imagine where it will see humanity two months from now.

Here in El Paso, working with an executive producer who reports on Occupy events around the country, I am lucky to experience how the culture is shifting — which still feels to most to be underground, but it is exciting to witness it bubbling up and creating conversations that have been long overdue.

Are they too late?  I can’t say that with certainty and I don’t think anyone can.  If there is one thing I have learned about change — is that it is the only constant — and it comes with a lot more chaos than structure.  I’m finding [again] it is best to embrace my understanding of the Tao and simply go with the flow and offer my assistance where I’m able while witnessing history unfold.

My time in New Mexico taught me many things about our notions of change, especially when it comes to the concept of time — a man-created structure.  Clever, yes — but applying this structure to nature’s rhythms is counter-intuitive.  I learned this from the goats, chickens and ducks, whose days begin with the sun and follow it’s natural progression throughout the day, all season long.  They are the timekeepers.  That alone is a lesson in respect for nature — then when you realize how far removed most people are to this knowing, to never witness this most ancient arrangement nature has with the sun and moon, it makes you sad for them.

It also makes you compassionate toward anyone who is disconnected from it.  I think this rhythm is the heart of humanity when it comes right down to it.

We’ve always been meant to live in harmony with the song of the land.  But we have been hearing the screeching, sour notes of industry so long that many have forgotten the song.  Indigenous peoples still sing it and you can hear it in your heart if you are still enough to listen.

Empire is like having to live with an abusive father [or Uncle Samsara], all the while longing to be with mother.  Knowing that when we care for her, she reciprocates.  She provides and nurtures us back to health when we are ill and she is always there — we, however, will not be.  And it has always been this way.

Man continues to rage and break chains against the knowledge of his own death without realizing it is part of life — part of the ancient arrangement with nature.  Without her, history would not exist — the stories, the struggles, the love, the joy — we would not exist.  The human experience from the first cave drawings to the Mars Rover are all owed to the fact that we existed on one living planet in the vastness of the universe — one we will no longer be able to explore because we have squandered the resources to do so.  In a drunken petroleum rush for the ‘look what I can do’ search for ‘human excellence’ — she has been sending us a message that we are not excellent — no matter how much greenwashing, back patting and chatter about ‘exceptionalism’ we hear trumpeted in those sour notes.  The message is becoming ever clearer that we are in for some tough love.  As evidenced by the record heat and drought this summer.

Personally, I am not upset by her message.  I understand it because of my connection to the earth and because I understand science — which is her language. [Don’t confuse science with technology.]  Science is the language of truth — and men have butchered it with religion, politics and commerce since time immemorial.  Mother nature is about to sit us all down in the corner for an epic ‘time out’ — and we’re going to have a very long time grounded from our toys to think about what we’ve done.

When?  Again, certainty isn’t a term I use often — like guarantee.  But if current history is any indicator of future behavior, we’re going to continue to behave like brats, hurt people, break stuff, take stuff that doesn’t belong to us and rage a bit longer.  Like the ‘terrible twos’, Western civilization is throwing its final embarrassing tantrum before mom puts us in that corner for the last time.  Those who listen and heed her message are preparing.  Some are preparing better than others. It’s not a contest.  All you can do about change is get ready for it the best way you know how, with what you have available and go with it.

Unfortunately, the ‘best way’ in this country looks a lot like violent revolution.  Fighting to keep a broken system that is teetering on the verge of collapse seems ill-advised rather than an educated, compassionate look at the reality of global collapse which will impact everyone on the planet.  I think even Mr. Spock would agree that was logical but I think we lack more than the political will — we lack the ‘supposed’ adults to have that conversation.  Which is why I think it is important to gather the wise ones, spiritual leaders and healers to the table now.

As Chief Oren Lyons stated in his eloquent speech to the UN, the four words we all must pay heed to now more than ever, implement individually as well as bring to our communities: Value Change for Survival.  It is simple, really.  Only our industrial, state-structured brains complicate what is not complicated.

It’s the bottom line of bottom lines.  What do you value?  Are you, yourself willing to change for your own survival?  The survival of your species?  If we don’t break this denial and make these changes, will she allow us to stay?  If we allow this system we’re addicted to continue unabated, I’m not certain she will.

What is certain?  The sun will continue to shine and every moonrise will play on our mother’s face whether we are here to cast shadows upon her or not.  I am certain she owes us nothing.  I am certain we owe her everything we are.  I am certain she will collect.  She always has. . .if ancient history is any indicator.

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