Is Truth An Enemy Of The State? Assange Address to UN

Submitted by Gabrielle Price

When you view the UN message from Assange, he sounds like any freedom loving individual with respect for free speech and free press.  So if the US believes him an enemy of the state for speaking the truth…you know what this means essentially, right?

By the way, the US boycotted the UN delegation. Obama and Hillary were not there. The chairs were empty, while the rest of the world discussed human rights issues and participated in diplomacy.  It does not say a lot about our current administration that it believes itself above important discourse with the rest of the world…a world that is in a huge state of upheaval…yet, still concerned about maintaining basic human rights.

I have no misconceptions about what this government has become.  Because it has not displayed interest in maintaining the very rights discussed at the UN, here in the United States – the country that used to be a beacon for those very rights.We have a lot of work to do, America.  And it’s going to take more than flipping a switch in a voting booth.  What are you prepared to do?