Sunday Matinee – Robert Newman’s History of Oil ~ A Comedy?

submitted by Gabrielle Price

Robert Newman is not your average funny man.  He’s also the author of four books and a published journalist.  Last year he lectured on the economics of ecology at universities and at the Center For Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, Wales.  He contributes a column titled No Planet B to publications Vice and for Earthmatters.

This video is funny, informative and absolutely rife with whimsical, vaudevillian genius.  You owe it to yourself to watch this and share it with others who seek a deeper understanding of geopolitics, energy resource wars and environmental stewardship – with LULZ.

Robert Newman delivers crucial knowledge with wit, charm and earnest humor.  The Refreshment Center hopes you will make time to view and share this 45 minute gem.  A filmed stage presentation, run entirely on energy provided by Eco-cyclists!