Smoke signals: On madness and filigree

I’ve been more than a little quiet this week – with short Gonzo bursts of ‘madness and filigree’ [a lot of cursing] about the state of things in this country, but mostly the piss poor job of media, which I’ve been railing against much longer. This particular moment in history is really showing lame stream media’s true colors.

Quite frankly, I think more people are realizing it without my ranting about it and anything I’ve tried to write feels too much like ‘I told you so’ and I hate that shit.

What happened is tragic. What continues to happen is the bigger tragedy of America losing its mind – again – along with it’s rights under the Constitution. I’m hoping more people will research what this means and begin to speak out. But I’m not holding my breath.

I’m giving my vocal chords and my nervous system a much needed break to work on solution based projects – like a permaculture book for kids and a few other things that are disconnected from the current paranoid, media driven wig-out that would make George Dubya proud. Perhaps it does anyway – his father has a lot to do with it and his circle jerk pals, too.

…there I go with that filigree again.

Tomorrow is an online ‘black out’ to protest CISPA. Color me radical but that seems like giving them what they want. What better way of quelling dissent than by shutting your mouth in protest of a law that will shut it for you?! I don’t get it. It’s counter-intuitive and I won’t be participating. I simply don’t trust a system run by one percenter’s not to do something while everyone is looking the other way. That’s their M.O. You know, like New Year’s Eve 2012?

Now the second ‘supposed’ bomber will not be having his Miranda rights read to him…yeah. M’kay. Keep hitting that snooze button. Adjust your ankle chains so they don’t pinch and go back to sleep.

What can be done about that? I don’t know anymore. I know that focusing locally on food sovereignty and building community is the only thing that makes me feel useful, creative and brings me some joy. Right now, I’m simply getting rid of things that don’t nourish my soul.

News is one, analysis is the other. Just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean it’s good for me. And I’m approaching life stages that don’t include trying to teach folks who don’t want to learn. It’s like asking a drunk to stop drinking or a crackhead to back away from the pipe just because it’s the right thing to do – addiction doesn’t work like that.

And we’re addicted BIG TIME to a dying paradigm. So I’m packing my bags and getting on that midnight train to contentment…because America, I’m just not that into you.