“Historically (recently in last 1000 yrs) it was “white people” who spread the disease of the fiat currency, expropriation of gold & human resources, slavery, western academic & religious traditions, abstraction of mind from spirit & meaning from labor, which turned into the financial military industrial information complex, which is now just imparted as reality and “pop culture”; yes, it may have been white people who started this round of oppression, and we use divisive terms like “white people” only to illustrate that we’re talking not of white people oppressing us but of the fiat currency, military industrial financial information complex oppressing all humanity and other life. It matters no more what your phenotype is. Yes, white people need to recognize white privilege but while we are doing that those benefiting and profiting from our constant human infighting over religion, race, sex etc keep the world subdued & intoxicated with all things distracting the spiritual mind. Help your family see thru these human constructs that divide all humans; if we all see a spiritual reality we are all a part of maybe we can change the course of this death ship we are all on. The machine will always have to consume life, natural life and human life, to prop itself up. We’ve got to all speak for those that can’t speak for themselves: the mountains, the waters, four leggeds, winged ones and so on.” -Chase Iron Eyes, Lastrealindians