Wikileaks TPP IP Chapter–November 2013

As much has been written about this gawd awful partnership which opens the floodgates to global corporations to destroy what’s left of this country’s landbase [not that our own corporate political swine haven’t done a BANG up job already…] STILL…you might want to look up what all this means.  If you support the truth…support whistleblowers. When you do, you support troops with the POSSIBILITY of coming home by ending all this nonsense.

Soldiers are working for corporations [most would rather NOT]. Just like any one of us would rather report we’ve not been duped by this sham of a system…imagine how soldiers feel when they find out they are fighting for resources and not freedom?

Imagine their horror when the country they love, who claims to support them – will not see the truth or refuses to see it.

[Before you froth at the mouth with red/white and blue foam, please see: Major General Smedley Butler.  He warned us in 1935. This is only shocking because you’re watching media that is killing more brain cells than Hunter Thompson on a Vegas hotel bender.]

We owe the troops the truth – we owe them a shot at coming home and ending this charade that has gone on far too long.  We’ll need soldiers HERE to protect citizens AND THE LAND from the real threat – which is the TPP.

Wikileaks TPP IP Chapter–November 2013