Mother Ganga.

The Ganga starts from Gangotri in the Himalayas. She encounters many obstacles on her way, but she finally reaches the goal – the ocean. Similarly, the Sadhaka (spritual aspirant) should never give up his struggle, however insurmountable the obstacles in his path may appear to be. All difficulties and obstacles will be removed through the grace of the Lord if he is sincere in his Yogic practices, and he will reach the goal. The Ganga always gives you cool, pure water. It does not expect anything from you in return. The sun sheds its light on all without anticipating any reward. Derive lessons from them. Always give, give. Ask nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Do not expect even appreciation, approbation, or recognition.

I love Ganga and the Himalayas. Ganga is my Mother Divine. Himalayas is my Father Divine. They inspire and guide me. I bathe in Ganga. I swim in Ganga. I adore Ganga. I feed the fishes of Ganga. I wave light to Mother Ganga. I pray to Ganga. I do salutations to Ganga. I sing the glory of Ganga. I write about the grandeur and
glory of Ganga. Ganga has nourished me. Ganga has comforted me. Ganga has taught me the truths of the Upanishads.

~Swami Sivanandaji founder of the Divine Life Society.

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